Objectives of the Conference

  1. Presenting the Islamic moderate thoughts to enhance a peaceful coexistence and a law-abiding Muslim community in collaboration with the wider Danish community under the shadow of divine religions and humanitarian values according to Islamic principles.
  2. Scholarly analysis and criticism of the Takfiri, radicalism and hate promoting thoughts.
  3. Scrutinizing the background foundations of Takfiri and radical movements in our modern world.
  4. An scholarly campaign against ideological and media movements aimed at displaying Takfiris as ‘Islam’.
  5. Development and expansion of the role of original Islam in managing and influencing western approach to Islam.
  6. Education and explanation of risks and challenges caused by Takfiri thoughts, hate movements and radicalism in the western society.
  7. Unity and collaboration between the Shi’a & the Sunni scholars in taking a unified and firm stance against Takfiri and radical movements.


Theme and detailed subjects


The Danger of Takfiri and Radicalism on global peaceful coexistence

Detailed subjects

  • History of radicalism and Takfir in Islam
  • The holy Prophet & his pure progeny against radicalism and Takfir
  • Role of authorities in inception and increasing radicalism and Takfir
  • Dark symbols of religious radicalism
  • Analysis of positive effects of Islamic unity against Takfiri movements
  • Radical Takfiri
  • Human displacement and increase of migration as a result of hate and radicalism
  • Women and children as victims of radicalism and Takfiri
  • Radicalism of adherents of religions
  • Practical solutions to avoid religious radicalism
  • Repercussions of Takfiri movements on Muslims living in the west

Conference Organizers

European Union of Shi’a Muslim scholars and theologians in collaboration with Imam Ali Mosque in Denmark


  • Eminent Shi’a and Sunni scholars residing in Europe
  • International eminent Shi’a and Sunni scholars
  • Non-Muslim Intellectuals

Conference Date

22 & 23 May 2017

Language of the Conference

Articles: English, Arabic, Farsi and German

Conference day: Arabic as Main language with simultaneous translation into English, Farsi, German and Danish.


Airport to the Mosque

  • A5 public buses are available from the airport to the mosque.
  • Metro and train from airport to the mosque (Norrebro Station) is also available.


Conditions for accepting an article

Important notes

  • Articles should not have been printed or presented in any conference within Europe.
  • The Conference reserves the copyright for accepted articles.
  • The Conference does not hold liability on the contents of the published articles.
  • The Conference Academic Board has its liberty in accepting, rejecting editing or correcting any articles received.

General required information

  • Author/s full name/s:
  • Main author’s full name (for cowriters):
  • Latest academic level, name and address of the institution:
  • Email:
  • Postal Address, Telephone and Facsimile:
  • Authors are requested to email their articles along with their written request for participation in the Conference to confe@imamalimoske.dk

Style of Articles

Articles should:

  • Be between 15 to 25 A4 size pages without exceeding 800 words,
  • Be typed in the Word document along with a PDF copy.
  • Be having a title and an abstract of maximum 150 words including keywords (max. 7 words).
  • Include an introduction, main theme, conclusion and references,
  • Index all particular names, terminologies.

Deadline for accepting articles

Friday 14 April 2017

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